Galway Top Picks

Tour guide Shane Spelman from Galway City Tours gives some of the best free things you should include on your Perfect Irish Trip to Galway 

The Spanish Arch

Before you leave Quay Street, have a look at the mural on the wall of Claddagh and Celtic Jewellery (1 Quay Lane), which depicts the Claddagh fishwives selling the catch at the Spanish Arch. The arch, which was completed in 1584, is the perfect starting point for exploring the West End, Claddagh and the waterways. When the tide is high and the weather fair, you can sit and admire the graceful Galway hookers under sail.

Cathedral and University

The cathedral stands on the site of the old gaol and deserves an hour with a full visual display to self-guide yourself around this majestic building. A five-minute walk from here is the university, one of three established under royal charter in the mid-19th century. Children especially will enjoy a look around the museum across the green.

Galway City Museum

Perfect for all ages, with interactive maps and exhibitions over three floors. Filling the atrium is a Galway hooker suspended from the ceiling and in full sail. Artefacts dating from the Neolithic age and found locally are on permanent display. (Spanish Parade,

Thomas Dillon’s Claddagh Gold

The original makers of the Claddagh Ring (since 1750), this quaint jeweller’s shop, which is the oldest in Ireland, has a small museum in the back that tells the story of one of the world’s most iconic items of jewellery. 1 Quay Street

Galway Market

Everyone who spends a weekend in Galway ends up strolling around the open-air market in Church Lane and grabbing a snack from one of the many food stalls. Top tip: the pea and potato curry from Bean Tree, which specialises in vegan and vegetarian dishes, is phenomenal.


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