CAJU Photography Postcards

2020 is the year that continues to surprise us and not in a nice way. A lot of our travel plans have been put on hold and by travel, we mean planned trips to explore, honeymoons to indulge and going home to see loved ones. Thanks to where technology has taken us in recent years no one is more than a phone call or video call away, which has made this year a lot easier to get through. One thing though that anyone loves to receive is a postcard, a postcard to say wish you were here, a postcard to say we miss and love you or a post card just to say hello.

We recently came across a beautiful Instagram account – CAJU Photography , Caro who takes pictures on her travels and is now offering a postcard service of some of her pictures for anyone who would like to send postcards of the beauty of Ireland to loved ones. Here is what Caro has to say –

“I like to quote the photographer Ansel Adams to describe my relationship to photography, he said: “You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” – This is what I want to feel, share and say with each of my images. CaJu stands for my name, Caro Julie. I am a young Swiss woman passionate about photography and travel. Currently living in Dublin, I travel around Ireland and share the beauty of this island with people around the world through my clicks.”

With regards to the postcards Caro explains – “The format is A6 so it’s slightly larger than the regular postcards you’d find in the shops, and it leaves more space to share stories and adventures, printing is mat (not glossy) and done with a small local printing company in Dublin – because I believe in small businesses supporting each other and ecology matters to me.”

See some examples of the postcards below and if you would like to see more and get in touch with Caro, you can do so here – CaJu Photography

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