The Best Eco Friendly Ways To Travel

The Best Eco Friendly Ways To Travel

Traveling can be done in a very eco-friendly manor and every small change makes a huge difference to the environment, especially as more and more people choose to change their habits. Here are 5 eco-friendly travel tips to help you travel in a more eco-friendly manor.

  1. Try to take non-stop flights, if you are trying to cut back on your carbon foot print in the air, the best way you can do this is to avoid any unnecessary other take-offs and landings along the way.
  2. While on a plane try to avoid opening any complimentary plastics, like headphones or cutlery. Always try to think what you will need and bring your own. 
  3. Take a bus, train or tram whenever possible, which is highly recommended to get around Europe. Walk and cycle around cities, it gives you easier options to explore places you might not otherwise see, but make sure you take comfortable shoes.`
  4. Take a reusable water bottle with you, that you can fill up whenever needed. This one is an obvious one, but something people forget while away. Ask you hotel to top it up, using a clean drinkable tap in the morning at breakfast, so you have it with you for the rest of the day. 
  5. Reuse your towels, don’t have your hotel towels washed after every single use.
  6. Leave the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door, for the duration of your stay so that your room isn’t cleaned on a constant daily basis, using chemical sprays, changing towels & sheets and hovering.
  7. Don’t waste cosmetics. If you use hotel soaps and shampoos, make sure you use it all or take what you don’t use home with you, so that they aren’t disposed of half full.
  8. Always return brochures, maps and leaflets after you used them and do not take any unwanted tourist trap leaflets. 
  9. Don’t buy unnecessary tourist souvenirs, in Ireland especially you will see many side street shops with lucky leprechauns, woolly jumpers or posters of Guinness sprawled around, us Irish don’t use any of these on a daily basis and you shouldn’t buy them, unless you think you will get actual use out of them, they will eventually just pile up as unnecessary clutter in your home.
  10. Always look for organisations and business that are trying to make a positive difference to the world, for people, for animals and for the planet. Avoid animal mistreatment. Don’t enter a premises where you think an animal is being mistreated for profit. If you see any business advertising the likes of ‘pet a lion’ or Seaworld, avoid it at all costs and do not cast your consumer vote into a business like this. Most likely the animal was caught illegally and cruelly and now lives a life of misery. 

P.s. Last but not least – Being eco-friendly starts from how you cast your consumer vote. Buy some eco-friendly sunglasses for your holiday and for day – day wear, CRANN would be the best place to look, with many different styles and colours to choose from. Made from recycled and eco friendly materials, CRANN provide their customer with very high quality eco-friendly sunglasses.

These are only a few examples of some lovely eco-friendly places to visit in Ireland. If you would like more examples or you would like help preparing a plan/ itinerary of where you would like to stay and dine in Ireland you can look at our Eco-Friendly Tour of Ireland or have a look at our Perfect Irish Trip Packages. Happy Traveling.



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